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Greenline Veg has been dedicated to delivering fresh fruits and vegetables straight to the door, in the North East of England, for the past 30 years. We deliver fruits and vegetables in areas within Newcastle, Sunderland, and Durham.

About Us

Greenline Veg are a wholesale fruit and vegetable delivery service company that delivers straight to the door in the North East of England around Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham. The majority of our clients are restaurants who are looking for the pick of the crop with great service and exceptional value. We’ve been around for 30 years and really know how to make life easier for our clients whilst not skimping on quality.

Fresh Produce with Great Taste

Our delivery warehouse is located in the wholesale market, meaning that we have direct access to the freshest produce. We carefully hand-pick stock on a daily basis with a focus on produce that has the best possible taste. It’s our job to provide you with a stunning variety of seasonal produce grown by farmers who care about good food and who are proud of what they grow. In these times, who you buy from can be just as important as what you buy. The range of products is extensive with access to rare and exotic lines that you may not be able to source elsewhere in the region.

We Deliver and are Reliable

We worked hard to earn our reputation for being reliable and dependable. We work just as hard to keep it. Our priority is providing you with ease and convenience and that’s why we deliver Monday to Saturday. The only way to prove the value of good service is to try it yourself. Order from us today. We’ve pledged to work harder than ever and our keyword is quality.


Our services

Fruits & Veg

We provide a wide variety of fresh fruits and veg, salads, exotics, dairy, and prepared veg.

Door Delivery

At Greenline Veg, we pride ourselves in both our produce, as well as delivering straigh to the doors in the North East.

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